With significant investment over the last 5 years our amazing property Horse Shepherd Park is now a multi-faceted equine destination including H.S.P Advanced Equine, Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary and Horse Shepherd Obstacle Trail.

In early 2021 the Victorian State Government supported by Andy Meddick AJP announced a funding grant for Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary – for the purchase of enhanced rehabilitation equipment including a solarium, water treadmill and water spa. Utilised by our Sanctuary residents the equipment is managed by H.S.P Advanced Equine and available for hire.

Situated on 200 acres Horse Shepherd Park, 160 Gascards Lane is nestled beside the Whipsticks State Forest in Gordon, 3345 Victoria.

Horse Shepherd Park

Troy has horses in his blood, his grandfather was a race trainer and his grandmother an accomplished
equestrian, he has been around horses all his life. Growing up in NSW where he regularly attended pony club and pony camp.
From a family of farmers, he naturally learned about land and pasture management at a very
young age. But he was always drawn to the horses, he spent many hours watching experienced trainers, playing with young and troubled horses unknowingly developing his skills. This was where the fascination with the horse’s anatomy and more specifically the hoof began.
While earning a living farming cattle and sheep, Troy turned his hand to Stock Horse showing, Stock
Horse challenges and then was completely taken in by the sport of Horse Trials (Eventing). Leaving
farming and returning to his fascination with the horse’s foot, he embarked on a career as a farrier.
For the last 15 years Troy has been working as a farrier, providing essential hoof and health care for
many horses and clients. In this time he has served as committee member, president and competitor at Lakes & Craters International Horse Trials as well as some time for Equestrian Victoria.
Troy is now using all his equine and farming experience to lead the team at Horse Shepherd Park.

Troy Best Manager H.S.P Advanced Equine

A career Banker and currently a Senior Executive at ANZ Bank – Anne is founder and owner of Horse Shepherd Park – Anne has dedicated the final years of her working life to building a sustainable Equine Rescue. Born and raised in a New Zealand farming family, Anne has always held a strong love of animals.

After 10 years working in Asia, Anne returned to Victoria with a burning desire to provide a Sanctuary for animals in need. Quickly out growing the original 20 acres – in 2015 Anne purchased the run down Gascards Lane property – and the Vision for Horse Shepherd Park the Equine Rehabilitation Centre of Excellence began.

Anne Young Owner of Horse Shepherd Park & founder Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary

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