Horse Shepherd Rehabilitation Centre
Price List

All Pricing includes Feed and Box Cleaning*

Rehabilitation pricing

Stable & Bandaging or Post Op Care* 2x complementary Proseries BlanketPer Week$450
Stable Self Serve (no feed, no medical)*Per Week$400
Stable & Medication* 2x complementary Proseries BlanketPer Week$450
Stable & 5 Treadmill Sessions* 2x complementary Proseries BlanketPer Week$600
Stable & Eye Treatment 3 treatments daily)*Per Week$450
Additional Eye Treatments. Per Treatment$20
Overnight Stabling (max 4 nights)*Per Week$60
Paddock RestPer Week$140
Paddock & MedicationPer Week$210
Paddock & 5 Treadmill SessionsPer Week$390
PROSERIES 3IN1″ horse  therapy, massage and heat blanket – reduces muscle tension and increases circulation $45
Hand Walking – 10 mins$20
Hand Walking – 20 mins$30
Chilled Salt Water Treadmill Single Session $55
Chilled Salt Water Treadmill Ten Sessions $450
Chilled Salt Treadmill Five Sessions $225
Chilled Salt Water Spa Single Session$35
Chilled Salt Water Spa Ten Sessions$250
Chilled Salt Water Spa Five Sessions$150
Solarium Single Session $25
Solarium Ten Sessions$200
Solarium Five Sessions$110
Equissage Treatment – Standard 30 mins$30
Equissage Treatment – Focused 30 mins$60

Gold Rush Trail and Arena hire

Gold Rush Obstacle Trail 3 hours $60 pp
Group/Club – minimum 10 attendees 3 hours $50 pp
2 days full access including overnight stay $120 pp
Gold Rush Obstacle Trail with a Horse Shepherd Pony (lead only)$70 pp
Bush paddock Trail – ideal for Nervous Nellies or Young HorsesHourly$10 pp
Windmill Saloon Barbeque and Picnic areaComplimentaryFree

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